Some links if you know nothing about Ernst Chladni and his patterns and plates…

Wikipedia to start.. Link

a science blog about Atomic orbitals, Chladni figures, vibrating drums, Faraday waves, Oscillons and the de Broglie-Bohm theory of Quantum Mechanics  Link

a good video of a working plate!

something with liquid..


„Chladni figures for a square steel plate (adapted from Waller, 1961) demonstrate the fantastic variety of standing-wave patterns that can arise from a simple resonating system. A square steel plate is clamped at its midpoint and sprinkled with sand. It is then set into vibration either by bowing with a violin bow, or by pressing dry ice against it. The resultant standing-wave patterns are revealed by the sand, which collects at the nodes of the oscillation where the vibration is minimal.“ – Source

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